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On this website you will find articles concerning the city of [[Mechelen]] in Belgium. It's a town between Antwerp and Brussels and about 80,000 inhabitants have their home there. Once, Mechelen was the '''capital of the Netherlands in the 16th century'''. Therefor a lot of items in the city remind us of its inhabitants's great past. However, it's not a big museum of ancient things only. Mechelen is a mix of new and old.
Mechelen is a city in the region of '''Flanders''' in Belgium. Flanders is a region north of Brussels and people over there speak and write '''Dutch''' (Nederlands). The region south of Brussels is called '''Wallonia''' where people speak '''French'''. Therefor, all articles on Mechelen Mapt are written in [[Dutch]].
Perhaps, you might have been surfing at the Internet and suddenly got stuck at Mechelen Mapt. You did find a photo and were getting interested, but you could not understand the words?
Mechelen Mapt gives you the opportunity of '''Translation'''to read some articles in English. Just copy a word or These pages have a green button with "this page in English" in the right corner, next to the article title. The information given in these short articles is not complete text and get linked , but it's enough to a '''translationwebsite'''understand the most of it. Maybe the  We suggest using translation of a complete text might not be 100 pct correct in '''English or French'''websites, but while reading Dutch articles. Here under you will get the general ideacan find some instructions.
==Using the Translationwebsite==
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