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On this website you will find articles concerning the city of [[Mechelen]] in Belgium. The municipality is halfway between Antwerp and Brussels and home to about 80,000 people. In the early 16th century, Mechelen was the '''capital of the Low Countries'''. Though the city has numerous items reminding of its great past, it does not appear as a mere museum and offers a nice mix of new and old.
Mechelen is a city located centrally in the northern Belgian '''Flemish region'''. About 57 percent of the country's inhabitants live in this '''Dutch speaking Flanders'''. To its south is the French-speaking region called Wallonia. Belgium's other region, the Capital region of Brussels, is an officially bilingual though largely French-speaking enclave in southern Flanders.
Perhaps, you were surfing the Internet and suddenly got stuck with Dutch language text at Mechelen Mapt, as articles are written with the city's inhabitants in mind. Did you find a photo and were getting interested, but you could not understand the words?
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