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"a region north of Brussels" - even the most radical French speakers grant Flanders the area's to the east and west as well, and as things stand, just leaving Brussels in a southern direction one gets into... Flanders.
Hello, welcome to '''Mechelen Mapt''' !
On this website you will find articles concerning the city of [[Mechelen]] in Belgium. It's a town The municipality is halfway between Antwerp and Brussels and home to about 80,000 inhabitants have their home therepeople. OnceIn the early 16th century, Mechelen was the '''capital of the Low Countries in the 16th century'''. Therefore a lot of items in Though the city remind us has numerous items reminding of its inhabitants' great past. However, the city is it does not appear as a big mere museum of ancient things only: it is and offers a nice mix of new and old.
Mechelen is a city in the northern Belgian region of '''Flanders''' in Belgium. Flanders is a region north About 57 percent of Brussels and people over there speak and write the country's inhabitants live in this '''Dutch''' (''Nederlands'')speaking region. The region To its south of Brussels is called the '''WalloniaFrench''' where people speak speaking region called '''FrenchWallonia'''. ThereforeBelgium's other region, all articles on Mechelen Mapt are written the Capital region of Brussels, is an officially bilingual though largely French-speaking enclave in [[Dutch]]southern Flanders.
Perhaps, you might have been were surfing at the Internet and suddenly got stuck with Dutch language text at Mechelen Mapt, as articles are written with the city's inhabitants in mind. You did Did you find a photo and were getting interested, but you could not understand the words?
Mechelen Mapt gives you the opportunity attempts to read render some articles also in English. These Dutch language pages then have a green button with "this page in English" in the right corner, next to the article title. The information given in these usually short articles is not complete, but itEnglish texts should give some clues about the article's enough to understand the most of itsubject.
We suggest reading Dutch articles by using translation websites, while reading Dutch articles. Here under for which you can find some instructions. If here underneath In case you want would like to understand how the wiki-software works, in order to edit, please create an a user (''gebruiker'' in Dutch) account. When you're logged in, go to your "preferences" (''mijn voorkeuren'' in Dutch) and consult select your native language from the dropdown box with <code>nl - Nederlands</code> under ''Gebruikersinstellingen > Taalinstellingen'', so you can select your native language. Don't forget to save afterwards! (Button button ''Opslaan'' beneeth beneath the page).!
==Using the Translationwebsite==
*'''Define''' your word or text for translation
*'''Copy''' your word or text in the article : CtrlC Ctrl-C (For on PC) - AppleC (For on Macintosh)*'''Paste''' your word or text in the translation box : CtrlV Ctrl-V (For on PC) - AppleV (For on Macintosh)*'''Van''' : From which language (In in this case it is , Dutch or Nederlands)*'''Naar''' : To which language (Your your language, if available)*'''Vertaal''' : Make Get the translation !
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