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Mechelen Mapt gives you the opportunity to read some articles in English. These pages have a green button with "this page in English" in the right corner, next to the article title. The information given in these short articles is not complete, but it's enough to understand the most of it.
We suggest using translation websites, while reading Dutch articles. Here under you can find some instructions. If you want to understand how the wiki-software works, in order to edit, please create an account. When you're logged in, go to your "preferences" (''mijn voorkeuren'' in Dutch) and consult the dropdown with <code>nl - Nederlands</code> under ''Gebruikersinstellingen > Taalinstellingen'', so you can select your native language. Don't forget to save afterwards! (Button ''Opslaan'' beneeth the page).
==Using the Translationwebsite==
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