Translation: verschil tussen versies

Geen verandering in de grootte ,  17 mrt 2007 14:40
On this website you will find articles concerning the city of '''Mechelen''' in '''Belgium'''. It is a small town between '''Antwerp and Brussels''' and contains about '''75,000 inhabitants'''. Once, Mechelen was the '''Capital of the Netherlands in the 16th century'''. Therefor a lot of items in the city reminds us of our great past. But Mechelen is also a modern city, living in the '''21rst century'''.
Mechelen is a city in the region of '''Flanders''' in Belgium. Flanders is a region north of Brussels and people overthere speak and write '''Dutch''' (Nederlands). The region south of Brussels is called '''Wallonia''' and people overthere speak '''French'''. Therefor, all articles on Mechelen Mapt are written in Dutch - ([ Dutch @ Wikipedia]).
You might have been surfing the Internet and get stuck at Mechelen Mapt. Overthere you found a photo and were getting interested. But you could not understand the words.
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