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Dear inhabitant of Earth,

Welcome to Mechelen Mapt !

On this website you will find articles concerning the city of Mechelen in Belgium. It is a small town between Antwerp and Brussels and contains about 75,000 inhabitants. Once, Mechelen was the Capital of the Netherlands in the 16th century. Therefor a lot of items in the city reminds us of our great past. But Mechelen is also a modern city, living in the 21rst century.

Mechelen is a city in the region of Flanders in Belgium. Flanders is a region north of Brussels and people overthere speak and write Dutch (Nederlands). The region south of Brussels is called Wallonia and people overthere speak French. Therefor, all articles on Mechelen Mapt are written in Dutch (Wikipedia).

You might have been surfing the Internet and get stuck at Mechelen Mapt. Overthere you found a photo and were getting interested. But you could not understand the words.

Mechelen Mapt gives you the opportunity of Translation. Just copy a word or a complete text and get linked to a translationwebsite. Maybe the translation of a complete text might not be 100 pct correct in English or French, but you will get the general idea.

Have Fun !

Using the Translationwebsite

  • Define your word or text for translation
  • Copy your word or text in the article : CtrlC (For PC) - AppleC (For Macintosh)
  • Paste your word or text in the translation box : CtrlV (For PC) - AppleV (For Macintosh)
  • Van : From which language (In this case it is Dutch or Nederlands)
  • Naar : To which language (Your language, if available)
  • Vertaal : Make the translation !


Just for the record

  • Fries are not French !
  • To put a smile on a Belgian face, serve him fries with mayonnaise...